Monday, June 16, 2008

Document Object in JavaScript

Document Objects in JavaScript

To write in document
document.write("Hello World!");
document.writeln("Hello World!");

The title of the document
var title = document.title;

The URL of this document
var url = document.URL;

The referrer of this document
var referrer = document.referrer;

The domain name for this document
var domain = document.domain;

To get element object by ID
var obj = document.getElementById("id_name");

To get element object by Name
var obj = document.getElementsByName("tag_name");

To get element object by TagName
var obj = document.getElementsByTagName("tag_name");

Number of anchors in this document
var cnt_anchor = document.anchors.length;

Number of Form in this document
var cnt_frm = document.forms.length;

Number of images in this document
var cnt_img = document.images.length;

The cookie property sets or returns all cookies associated with the current document.
var cookie = document.cookie;

The lastModified property returns the date and time the document was last modified.
var lastmodified = document.lastModified;

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