Friday, June 13, 2008

How to get client information in JavaScript...???

How to gather information about your users environment including their computer platform, operating system, browser details, etc. ?

Application Code Name
var codeName = navigator.appCodeName;

Application Name
var appName = navigator.appName;

Application Version

var appVersion = navigator.appVersion;

User Language and Language

var userLanguage = navigator.userLanguage;
var language = navigator.language;


var appName = navigator.platform;

User Agent

var userAgent = navigator.userAgent;

Java Enabled

var javaEnabled = navigator.javaEnabled();

To check cookies are enabled in the browser.

CPU class of the browser's system
var cpuClass = navigator.cpuClass;

To get boolean status of system mode.

Browser Version

var version = parseInt(navigator.appVersion,10);

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